Systems Engineer/COMSEC Manager

Mid to Senior Level Position

District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia

Job Description
This position requires a Systems Engineer with COMSEC Account Manager experience. The primary role will be performing Systems Engineering duties, and the selected candidate will have additional duties as a backup COMSEC Account Manager. The COMSEC Manager role for this position is one of two backup managers for a large account and is envisioned to take approximately 25-40% of the elected candidates’ time.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities
The selected candidate will perform a mix of Systems Engineering and COMSEC Manager duties. Systems Engineering responsibilities will include tasking in one or more areas including technical requirements analysis, solution design, data analysis, test development, risk management, systems modeling, and development of technical documentation. The selected candidate will work closely with a software/system development team performing agile development and/or will be assigned to the program-level Systems Engineer team.

The selected candidate will also perform as a backup COMSEC custodian to account for COMSEC materials to support the program and its networks. She/he must be well versed in national-level policy (CNSSI 4005 “National Policy for Safeguarding Communications Security (COMSEC) Facilities and Materials”, CNSSI 4001 “Controlled Cryptographic items, CNSSI 4003 Reporting, and evaluating Communications Security (COMSEC) Incidents”.

The selected individual will help manage a large number of line items of COMSEC material. Duties will include maintaining security throughout receipt, transfer, inventory, accounting, and destruction. She/he will assist with recurring inventory of all equipment handled by hand receipt holders and periodic rekey or installation of new devices and will update existing local Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and develop/implement new SOPs as needed. She/he will brief/de-brief users in and out of the COMSEC program and will ensure that Program Management and leadership are kept updated on significant developments and events.

Basic Qualifications

  • Favorable Polygraph.
  • Must have demonstrated experience performing Systems Engineering duties in one or more of the following areas: technical requirements analysis, solution design, data analysis, test development, risk management, systems modeling, or development of technical documentation.
  • Must have a minimum of three years of experience in supporting COMSEC activities.
  • Must have demonstrated experience configuring HAIPE In-line Network Encryptors e.g. KG-175D, KG-250X.
  • Must be committed to adopting and adhering to best practices including compliance with maintenance windows and change control procedures.
  • Must possess strong analytic abilities and must be meticulous and careful in their work.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Degree/formal education in an Engineering, Security, or IT-related field.
  • Experience performing systems engineering functions on a program using Agile methodologies.
  • Experience receiving, generating, and distributing electronic keying materials.
  • Experience stocking, storing, and issuing keying materials to COMSEC subaccounts and other COMSEC accounts.
  • Experience maintaining records and files, reporting security incidents, and providing periodic status reports regarding COMSEC material.

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