Theory to Reality: Quantum Computing

I have been following the development of Quantum Computing for several years now. Anyone who is versed in the field understands there are still huge physics challenges that have plagued the development and advancement of these systems.

One of the most common issue is the conditions needed to produce Quantum entanglement. This spooky state of particle interaction has required temperatures below the thresholds of the vacuum of space in order to function. While producing these temperatures is a challenge, companies like Dwave have managed to make a functional multi qubit systems complete with highly dangerous chemicals. The costs and complexity of these systems however, has hampered the exposure to mainstream computer scientists throughout the world. In very exciting news this month a few researchers announced that they have been able to complete the first steps of producing quantum entanglement using silicon based qubits.

This discovery once thoroughly vetted could allow quantum computers to make it into the hands of many and not just the research community or wealthy firms. This discovery could quickly have a massive impact on cryptanalysis. I look forward to more Quantum advancements in 2017. The most recent NIST document listed below should be very telling of where we are headed.

NIST Presentation on Quantum impact to Crypto.

Quantum Computing in 2017