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We don’t just develop. We create and collaborate.

We view our client relationships as partnerships, harnessing the latest in infosec research, creativity in approach, and responsive mitigation to achieve mission success.

Integrity & Strength

Since the company’s inception, Sunayu has provided clients with a comprehensive suite of specially-tailored, results-oriented technical consulting services.

We focus on a DevOps culture to implement cyber security and data development solutions for clients. Our DevOps philosophy enables our software and IT teams to work with incredible efficiency, allowing only the highest-quality products to be delivered to our clients. In addition, this methodology promotes values of innovation, teamwork, and perseverance.

Our name, Sunayu, reinforces our core values: Integrity and Strength. Our mission is to harness the immense power of modern technology and transform it into detailed end-to-end solutions that cover hardware, software, and everything in between. 


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We view our relationships with clients as fruitful partnerships. With our combined expertise and dedication, we are constantly striving to find the best solutions for our clients. At Sunayu, we use world-class tools that make clients’ software and hardware issues a thing of the past. In addition to using cutting-edge technology, we are constantly refining our creative approach, and are proud to offer incredibly fast response times to mitigate any setbacks that our clients may face. 

Although we are always on top of the latest developments in infosec research, we do not utilize the latest advancements simply because they are new; we utilize them because they provide results.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to clients that we serve! We asked them: “What sets Sunayu apart from our competitors? Is it culture? Leadership? Dedication to cutting-edge technology?” Our clients responded that what distinguishes Sunayu is that we “pick the right solution for a successful outcome, rather than chasing the hottest new technology on the market.”

Sunayu delivers innovative creativity from a dedicated team of software and IT professionals. Want to take your software and hardware integration to the next level, with world-class cyber security and data development? You’ve come to the right place.

Sunayu Leadership

Brandon James

Brandon James

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Brandon James is a rising star in the business of cybersecurity. For over two decades, he honed his skills in system administrator and computer engineering roles for military such as The Naval Research Laboratory, BAE Systems, industrial giants such as ITT, and intelligence contractors like TexelTek. These experiences gave James insight into the unique computing needs of innovative research.

James marries his computer science expertise with a knack for business. His over sixteen years of entrepreneurship endeavors demonstrate a reputation for achieving challenging business objectives.

His professional journey started at Hampton University’s computer science program in 1998. From there, he furthered his academic pursuits at John Hopkins University’s computer information systems program. All the while, he applied his skills to solving problems in the enterprise sector.

James has extensive experience with Linux engineering, Cyber Security, SecDevOps, Python, Big Data, systems configuration, network administration, network security, systems security, development, and troubleshooting.

As a key founding member of the Big Data Platform, he continues to make advances in Big Data solutions, infrastructure, and automation.

Years of experience in various technological and business oriented roles encouraged James to think big. So in 2014, he founded Sunayu with fellow John Hopkins alumnus Ryan Yu. Sunayu works with various enterprise clients to improve and implement their technologies in the facets of systems engineering, analytics development, configuration management, and cloud infrastructure. As Sunayu’s CEO, Brandon James has proven his position as one of the DMV area’s brightest cybersecurity leaders.

Ryan Yu

Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Yu’s rise as an information technology innovator has been nothing short of impressive. He grew from systems administrator roles in the private sector to systems and security engineer roles in the Department of Defense, government contractor ManTech and OnDeck financial services.

One of the highlights of Yu’s academic career was achieving his Master’s Degree in information systems engineering at John Hopkins University.

Yu honed his computer science and information technology expertise with a variety of practical skills. He has extensive expertise in cloud systems engineering, software engineering and lifecycle development, building web applications and streaming analytics using the latest technologies and frameworks, DevOps engineering and application build pipelines, migrating systems from bare-metal to cloud platforms, and building fault tolerance applications and infrastructure with disaster recovery and high availability. His talents perfected in the public sector have been useful to the private sector. It takes a keen mind to be creative in innovating pragmatic computer science applications, and Yu has demonstrated his abilities in palpable ways.

Yu has over fifteen years experience working on Linux systems in systems administration and DevOps roles. His experience includes working with the financial services industry to mitigate cybersecurity threats, working with tech companies to build their infrastructure and secure their environments, and providing expertise in Big Data and high speed data delivery.

These unique skills inspired Yu to move onto his next challenge. In 2014, Yu founded Sunayu with fellow John Hopkins alumnus Brandon James. Sunayu works with various enterprise clients to improve and implement their technologies in the facets of systems engineering, analytics development, configuration management, and cloud infrastructure. As Sunayu’s COO, Ryan Yu has proven his position as one of the DMV area’s brightest cybersecurity leaders.

Donna Dennis

Director of Business Operations

Donna Dennis has over 30 years of experience in managing the business operations of growing companies in the fields of government contracting and commercial real estate. Her unique expertise in business management, accounting, business development, human resources, and operations in the commercial and government sectors is integral in helping companies like Sunayu grow and expand their business.

Her professional journey began after receiving an Associate’s Degree from Northern Virginia Community College in 1983. She went on to work her way up from an entry level Office Manager at Dyn Corp to her current position as Director of Business Operations at Sunayu. After going back to college later in life, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Strayer University in 2010, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Donna served as COO for Delta Associates for 20 years, as well as six years as Business Operations Manager for Apogee Research.

Donna works closely with Brandon James and Ryan Yu in the daily management of Sunayu to help the company provide exceptional service and support to their customers in the DoD and commercial sectors.

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