Big Data Analysis

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Find the Needle in the Haystack

As one of our core services, big data analysis helps businesses of any size find the nuggets of information from the drifting sands and white noise of your company’s myriad of data sources.

Our Expertise Runs Deep and Wide

We are experts in a variety of big data analysis platforms including Hadoop. Our skilled team has developed solutions and platforms large and small to help organize, find and analyze your data. Our expertise is driven by an understanding of data and formulating capabilities based on state-of-the-art data science techniques and languages including Python and R. 


We focus our development primary using Cloudera’s Hadoop implementations. We have also worked with Hadoop performing CRUD operations and utilizing MapReduce and Spark jobs to analyze data and glean insights.


We are experts in Kafka administration and integration. We have worked to build streaming applications featuring real-time analytic capabilities using streaming data sets.


Our work with ElasticSearch often sees using utilizing the ML tools within ElasticSearch. We use this data output for analysis and often integrate this with other microservice platforms within your organization.

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We use NiFi to handle data manipulation as part of ETL (extract, transform, load) capabilities. It allows us to move data seamlessly between systems and operations and transforming it where needed.

NLP / Computer Vision/ Recommender Engines

Machine learning is a key part of NLP and computer vision systems. These data sets are often complex and require speedy, concise analysis.

Blockchain Analytics

We build tools to perform various analysis and comparisons of data and transactions against the blockchain. We use these tools to track transactions and audit their trails.

Neural Networks

We build artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities  and neural networks for many uses, such as in Computer Vision or NLP applications. 

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