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Security In Every Step of the Development Process

At Sunayu, we take IT security seriously and it’s the reason we integrate security in the full life cycle of your apps. Previously, security would be left to an isolated team in the last stage of development. But some development cycles can last years, creating challenges when it comes to security. We don’t believe in waiting until the final step.

Why We Prefer a DevSecOps Approach

While we don’t take anything away from DevOps (development and operations), we realize that IT security should be a critical cog in the life cycle of all apps. We also know that modern software development leverages the agile-based software development life cycle to improve the development and delivery of software releases. DevOps focuses on speed, but we use DevSecOps (development, security and operations) to augment speed with security.

At Sunayu, we place emphasis on security and move to integrate it right from the beginning of the software development life cycle. Your apps need security from the first line of code to the completion. With this in mind, DevOps won’t provide the complete picture. Businesses and organizations that handle sensitive information now need DevSecOps, rather than DevOps, for increased security and reliability. For more information, please contact us today.

Continuous Integration of Security

We use automation tools to utilize a continuous integration and software life cycle. Common automation tools we use include Redhat Ansible, SaltStack and Docker.

Our focus remains firmly on integrating security at every stage of software development, and assure reliable and efficient results, as the suites and automation tools help us to understand every library and dependencies employed in the software environment. 

A Wealth of Experience

Security is a critical issue requiring professionalism and experience in handling DevOps. At Sunayu, our staff have a combined experienced of more than 100 years in DevOps, with multiple certifications we have a saltstack certified engineer, RHCE (Redhat). This means that we have everything we need to provide efficient, reliable and professional DevSecOps services to all our clients. 

Because of this vast experience and certifications, many companies and organizations trust us with the most sensitive information. Such organizations include DARPA, Navy, Air force, and Department of Energy. These are sensitive organizations handling sensitive data that requires the highest level of security. Sunayu has always risen to the occasion and provided topnotch services.

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