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Our mission and values

We view our client relationships as partnerships, harnessing the latest in infosec research, creativity in approach, and responsive mitigation to achieve mission success.

Since its founding, Sunayu has provided its clients with a full suite of tailored, results oriented technical consulting services. Our mission is to transform technology into comprehensive, bespoke end-to-end solutions—from the hardware to software and everything in between. Our name reinforces our core values: integrity and strength.


Our team

Our carefully selected team is comprised of longtime, trusted engineers with an impeccable reputation for high-caliber DevOps services including configuration management, system administration and automation, continuous deployment, and automated testing. We are proud to support our clients with the best of the best.

DevOps engineers with full lifecycle experience designing, creating, integrating, and retiring systems.

Veteran engineers that have worked in the United States Defense Sector, and the financial and healthcare industries.

Reverse engineers skilled at breaking down malware and creating signatures to identify it.


Chief Operating Officer, Founding Member

Ryan Yu

Join us

We’re always looking for exceptional talent to join our team. We also understand that there's more to you than a list of jobs and accomplishments on a document. Let us know who you are and what you love to do. If we find an opportunity that matches your skills and your career goals, we'll reach out to you to get to know you even better.

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