Sunayu utilizes Spark to process your Big Data

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authored by: Kim Crawley Big Data can easily get too big to handle. It’s estimated that the technological per-capita capacity to store information doubles roughly every three and a half years or so. It was estimated by 2020 that the world’s total collective computer data volume is roughly 44 zettabytes! For perspective, a zettabyte is […]

How SaltStack can help both your redteam and blueteam

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Your organization’s redteam and blueteam must work constantly to keep your networks secure. Your redteam must check to see if your security policies, procedures, and configurations work. Not just by running a penetration test, but by running various attack simulation campaigns on an ongoing basis. They may spend weeks pretending to be one type of […]

BFT Prime vs. Bitcoin

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The rise of global, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency networks inspired by the Bitcoin blockchain has given new relevance to the design and implementation of Byzantine fault-tolerant systems. In this paper, we will describe the meaning of “Byzantine” faults, present two very different solutions to the problem—Prime and the Bitcoin blockchain—and explore their comparative strengths and weaknesses.  Read […]